Battery Safety

As approved CE suppliers of Electronic Cigarette Accessories, please read our advice below:

Guidance on the safe use, handling, storage and disposal of lithium batteries.

If you drop your battery onto a hard surface you may damage the circuit. Always check your battery whilst charging, if it gets hot, remove immediately to a safe place outdoors. Never charge your battery near combustible items such as carpets or curtains.

It is strongly recommended that before charging and/or using a lithium battery, you should read and follow this guidance. Failure to do so may result in a fire, leading potentially to personal injury or damage.

General safety instructions and warnings

  • Only use a USB Charger suitable for charging an ego type battery, other larger batteries for advanced e-cigs may vary and may need a mains charger. Failure to do so may result in fire. If you are unsure which charger to use please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Never charge any batteries unattended. When charging lithium batteries you should always observe and monitor the charging process so that you can react to potential problems that may occur. If your battery gets warm or hot remove it to a safe place outside.
  • Some lithium chargers on the market may have technical deficiencies that may cause the lithium batteries to be charged at an improper rate. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the charger works properly and is PAT tested. Always monitor the charging process to ensure batteries are being charged properly.
  • If at any time you witness a battery starting to balloon or swell up, discontinue the charging process immediately, disconnect the battery, remove it to a safe area and leave it, preferably under observation for approximately 15 minutes. This swelling may cause the battery to leak, and the reaction with air may cause the chemicals to ignite, resulting in fire.
  • Since delayed chemical reaction can occur, it is best to continue to observe the battery as a precaution. This should only be undertaken in a safe area outside of any building or vehicle and away from any combustible material.
  • Wire lead shorts can cause fires. If you accidently short the wires in your electronic cigarette, the battery must be placed in a safe area for observation for approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, if a short occurs and contact is made with metal (such as a ring on finger), severe injuries may occur due to the conductibility of electric current. Dispose of your batteries in a recycling receptacle available in many supermarkets and recycling centres.